WE v.s. FIFA

What game do you think improved for past years?

  • WE/PES

    Votes: 44 100.0%
  • FIFA

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Alright folks... here you can post your thoughts on how WE9/PES5 is better than FIFA... and all good stuff that you have to say about WE9/PES5...

I personaly think that WE is more realistic and better than Fifa (if using patches/option files) by far... I've been a big fan of fifa, but this years version made me to convert to WE...almost like a religion:mrgreen: ..

Please vote and write your thoughts!


Lol.. y do u think it's silly? i just want to see what people think)):|


19 June 2002
I dunno...maybe cuz this is a WE/PES board, and the fact that its existence is based on our love for the game and our disdain of FIFA.

But anyways, since I'm posting here, I'll contribute to the thread instead of just trolling.

Right now, and on a year to year basis, the only problem that Konami presents us with is their apparent lack of concern with respect to what they can do to make us happy. I mean...they've laid the ground work for an amazing footie, and now that we've bitten and are hooked...nothing...left in the lurch, we are. Well, at least they added online...which is pretty amazing by the way. But there can be so much more all round polish to this game..it just hurts. It hurts to see EA gaining ground by practically coping the gameplay, because they've already got the shine. But whatever. Winning for life..FIFA jsut sucks. It feels like im trying to control a marshmallow instead of a Mini. Anyways...I'm done. I'll see y'all online.


12 December 2001
This is just pointless. We really don't need this childish WE vs. Fifa crap over here.

Thread closed.
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