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We woz robbed!


4 August 2003
Heading Shooto!
Played in a tournament earlier and had 2 of the most ridiculous goals against me.. I was nigeria, they were man u. Allow me to share

Goal 1:

Cleared me lines from a cutback attempt. But only went as far as Ronaldo who shot. Ball was going wide but wayne rooney who is still stood by the post following his by-line run volleyed it in. Clearly 3 yards offside as not a single player between him and the goal. I guess it beat PES6 logic as he wasnt just in front of the last defender (he was in front of the last defender and the goalie) so goal stood.

Goal 2:

Looping header from saha caught by keeper on his line under pressure from a couple of players. Keeper stood still for half a second and dropped the ball onto wayne rooney's foot. I suppose he might have jumped back on his line and not wanted to score an own goal but to just drop it for the opposition to score was just hilarious

I lost 4-2. So technically that was a draw ;)
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