WE10 in black and white help!!!



Alright, my mate has a crt tv 32", here's the story......he had an rgb cable with the switch on the end for game/dvd but that broke after so long, we use to play pes3/4 on 60hz which was fine but not on PES5 for
some reason only 50hz because 60hz was black and white, so now with WE10
you can't choose 50 or 60 so it in B&W even after getiing a new rgb with
the dvd/game switch....


Can anyone help please?



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8 April 2006
I had this problem but if you are using swap magic you simply need to change the video mode to PAL and select load program, if you are not using swap magic then im sorry I dont know how to solve your problem, hope this helps.


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12 July 2005
I think I know what's you've done wrong. Firstly as previously stated you'r tv does not support NTSC signals, so what you have to do is apply a ntsc to pal patcher, this will make the game compatable on your tv. Im sure you can easily find one on the net, if not just send me a pm and ill send you file. Hopefully the game is on you'r PC, if not you'll have to re-start everything again and patch the game e.t.c then apply Ntsc to Pal patcher.


i have an rgb cable (PS2 SUPER AV SCART CABLE RGB) so i patched
NTSC to PAL but still no joy!

Paulo travassos

That usually happens when you're running an european version of the game. It will only be fixed if your tv set has the Pal N mode. If don't. I'm sorry to say that there is no possible fix.


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2 February 2003
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