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i dont know how true this info is but i found it on the nexgam.de forum...

I work for a swedish gameplay-company and we actually had the opportunity to speak with Seabass himself!!

This might come as a shock to you but we managed to get information from Seabass close relative, Inamoto Takatsura who knows of the production and have played the new game, and all he could say was BRAVO!!!
In an agreement with this source we promised we would´nt reveal any information. We know that the contents of the game is to everybodies interest. By advertising this in Sweden, we have a perfect opportunity to get publicity and good future sales. We know that we are probably among the first to get this confirmed information regarding WE10!!
So enjoy!!!:

1. The pitches will be much better than previous releases. (this after some harsh critics)

2. The crowd will now be in 3D at all time. In WE9 and PES 5 they only appeared in 3D before the matches and maybe when a goal was scored. However it is now confirmed for WE10 that the crowd will appear in 3D.

3. The subtitutors and manager will be seen on the bench.

4. There will be an option where you can choose to play the qualifying rounds before the actuall WC (international cup) beginns. This option is available for all the teams and not only for the japaneese team.

5. The grafics as you might already know has reached it's maximum capacaty. It won't be any bigger changes regarding the grafics but it will be edited ofcourse.

6. The movement of hair is back! It first appeared in WE7 and PES3 but now according to the source even Kaka's hair will move a bit. Long aswell as halflong hair will move. Especially Ronaldinho's hair and R.Baggio's.

7. As far as the gameplay is concerned it will also be improved. The flow of the game will be much better and this will in fact make the game much more realistic. The speed is obviously the same but the player's movement and animations has been much more improved. It's hard to belive that but that's a fact.

8. In WE9 and PES5 we expirienced a very "lame" referee!!The referee's kept blowing the whistle for every little detail, all the time. This was indeed very frustrating. However the referee's now seem to be much more patient and fair. For exemple, if you've earned a yellow card the ref will give you a yellow card. The same goes for red card's.

9. In the last game, there was so much nonsens, going on about the new improved AI (artificiall intellegens). In WE10 this wont be a joke. It has really been much much more improved. The CPU will no longer just try to counter-attack on the wings and try to make long balls to the penalty area. They will really attempt to score in a realistic way. They try to find space in order to make opportunaties.

10. When you play WC mode you can manually choose the stadiums you want the matches to be played in.

11. And last but definitely not least there will be an online Master League!!! After much hesitation and complications, it has finally been carried out. Konami will be realising more information on how it will be possible. So far there are little information about this feature.

12. WE10 will be realised on PS2, Xbox, PC and on PSP. We contacted the european Konami headquarters and they mentioned that PES6 (WE10) probably will be realised on Xbox 360 in Europe. But not on PS3 since the realise of PS3 yet is unknown. There is however a small chance that WE10 will be available for PS3, but only in Japan because it will be realised there soon.


not sure about the crowd being in 3d...jeez they would have to have developed a graphics engine thats unreal for that to be practical...ps2 had trouble with a 2d crowd...let alone a 3d one.
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