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WE10: main menu and license issue


5 August 2004
First, thanks to my basic knowledge of katakana, here's the translation of the first screen options, just to make things a little bit easier for starters:

Master league
Nippon challenge
International challenge
Random selection match

After entering random selection match, the upper option lets you choose a whole zone/championship for random picking; the lower one lets you select up to 4 specific teams.

As for licensed teams, Italian fans may be disappointed by the fact that in Serie A there's a team missing: Cagliari has been replaced by a fictional team, with a kitsch purple+green shirt, and such players as Morino and Caruso in attack, and Amato and Bonomi as goalkeepers.
I have no idea why Cagliari was left out, and I haven't see anything similar in the other leagues...

:: JJ ::

Cagliari weren't licenced in PES5, even though they were licenced in WE9. Greedy bastards.

Ronaldo 7

i have a request nyrang2 .. can you give as the translition for the master league menu cause its compleatle diffrent and i cant figure it out by my self

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