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we10/ps2 - adlindz10 06/07 Option File (PREVIEW)


6 November 2004

adlindz10 06/07 Option File (PREVIEW)

Premiership lovers edition

Every Premeirship kit complete with sponsor, logos and emblems!!
Every Premiership transfer complete - updated stats for any created players including youth players (Jimmy Smith at Chelsea etc.)
Updated appearances where needed.
Boots updated (made with ingame editor only)
Much more to come...

Preview Pictures posted by 5pm all being well.

Please contact if you would like to help with other leagues, and also transfers etc.

IMPORTANT: Will people please post up ideas and ways to improve. Also will you please post young and up coming players you want me to create. Highly appreciated!

If someone can help make my banner bigger please let me know!
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6 November 2004
Mauras, I will do other leagues eventually, but the main priority is the Premiership atm. However, I will do La Liga next, but like I said, if people want to help with other leagues then it would be highly appreciated.
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