WE10 PS2 Kits Patch

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Hi. does anyone know if there is a patch for Winning Eleven 10 that just gives you all the correct kits?

I don't want an option file. I just want a patch that will replace all the unlicensed kits with the real ones.

I have looked through all the patches in the 'downloads section' and on PESInsight. But they all seem to require an option file patch.

Any help much appreciated.

Shockin' The Prem

Shockin' The Prem
5 August 2004
The kits are yet to be decrypted, as Konami re-encrypt the kits every version.

As it currently stands, either get an option file, or wait.

There's plenty of threads on this already, I'd advise searching next time.


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21 February 2003
A little use of our search function would have gotten you the answers you require.

It's also best to try and post topics in there relevant sections as well, something to remember in future. ;)
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