WE10 Shooting


19 June 2003
Newcastle Upon Tyne

just really started playing WE10 last week and Im finding it a little frustrating. Its better than WE9 in that I seem to be creating a lot of chances but most of my shots just seem to fly over the bar. The power par seems to be hyper sensitive so I have had some joy pressing the shoot button a bit quicker but I cant see how this will generate sufficient power for shots from outside the box? I know you can hold down R1 to place shots but this doesnt seem to help much. Is there another button Im missing for keeping shots low so you can still hit them with a lot of power?

Whilst Im on if im playing with wingers they never seem to make runs behind the last defender into space. for example for Newcastle I have NZogbia as a left winger, Ive edited his position so he is hugging the touchline and in line with the forwards, ive set his attack position to forward and forward left and his defence to low. However he never seems to make any runs behind the oppositions right back.So for example if Babayaro is bringing the ball down the touchline he often gets in line with Nzogbia who just stands there. Anything you can do?

Apart from that its pretty good, the goalkeeper animations seem to be the biggest improvement as far as I can see.

Cheers for your help



You need to understand that the BAR shows THE HIGH not speed of the ball, so just LEARN TO DOUBLE TAP when shooting. Just get it a little below the mid point and press again to actually shoot the ball. Once you get the hang of that you will realize shooting is not that complicated.


The timing of your shot, the balance of your player and the positioning of the ball are all key. The faster you're running the more powerful your shot will tend to be if you strike it cleanly, though it's harder to hit cleanly, just think about shooting in real life and it's very similar in the game.
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