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WE8I PC - The Wolf Vuelta del Lobo Patch


League 1
7 August 2003
Texas, USA
Manchester United
WE8I PC - The Wolf Vuelta del Lobo Patch
Sunday, May 15th, 2005

BitTorrent Link (Register First): http://zerotracker.com/download.php?ID=12327&NAME=/WE8I PC - The Wolf Vuelta del Lobo Patch Applied.rar.torrent

FileFront Links:
Part 1: http://files.filefront.com/3853891
Part 2: http://files.filefront.com/3853892
Part 3: http://files.filefront.com/3853893
Part 4: http://files.filefront.com/3853894
Part 5: http://files.filefront.com/3853895
Part 6: http://files.filefront.com/3853896
Part 7: http://files.filefront.com/3853897
Part 8: http://files.filefront.com/3853898
Option File only (contained within the main patch but for those who just want this): http://files.filefront.com/3853890


- FM2005 Option File (using the data from FM2005 Patch 5.0.5 converted using the new
EditPES4OptionFile 1.2 program). (by The Wolf)
- 100% Correct player/team/stadium/league names.
- All players default Konami stats converted to more accurate Football Manager 2005 stats.
- Over 600 additional new players created with FM2005 data.
- Corrected player call-names (where available).
- Up to date transfers (to May 2005).
- Leeds United replace PES United.
- Fenerbahce replace WE United.
- Correct brands of shoes allocated to most players.
- Updated hundreds of face/hair appearances.
- Unreal players from PES & WE United teams edited over with real players.
- Unreal players from youth player list in Masters League replaced by real life players.
- Retired players in Shop replaced by current real life players and unlocked.
- Everything unlocked except for the Classic Teams.
- Duplicate players removed.
- FM2005 Option File data compatable in Masters League.
- Squad numbers, starting line-ups & formations updated for many club & national teams.
- All Official Uniforms included. (by kEL, Spark, OPM, Dr.X Ray, cfdh_edmundo,ibo, Javeplus
JuyLE, Yogui, Burgy, Tiptoe, Fabiano, Daikirai, youyou, Bensab, Biker_Jim_UK, Calenulma
__cOoL__ & any others I may have forgotten to thank.)
- New gloves for every goalkeeper. (by Various)
- High Quality Badges & Flags. (by Higgs & The Wolf)
- New (Version 4) Official League & Cup logos. (by Higgs)
- 2D Uniforms. (by Higgs)
- New balls: Adidas Roterio, Nike Aerow Blue, Nike Geo Merlin, Nike Aerow Yellow,
Adidas Fevernova, Nike Aerow Red & Adidas Finale Red. (by Spark, based upon Ariels' models)
- New ball names displayed in menus. (by The Wolf)
- New Backgrounds. (by FCH, Ghost-Face & The Wolf)
- New menu logos. (by FCH, Ghost-Face & The Wolf)
- High Quality Ad-Boards. (by FCH)
- New Supporters Flags. (by Asmo, Mazimo, cfdh_edmundo, Reefur & Various)
- Referee Uniforms. (by kEL)
- New stretcher bearer uniforms. (by Ghost-Face)
- New high-quality Shoes. (by Spark)
- 'CC-Patch AIO v3 PES4 PC' Chants & Environment Patch. (by Solidus J2K)
- Furry Evolution team call-name patch giving more real team names in commentary. (by The Wolf)
- U2: Beautiful Day Main Menu Music. (by The Wolf)
- Form Guide. (by Unknown)
- Uniform Number Pack - 1=Puma, 2=Adidas, 3=Nike, 4=EPL. (by Spark)
- ALL STADIUMS fully updated with beautiful new textures and banners. (by Ghost-Face)
- Awesome HDTV Champions League introduction movie. (by Reefur)
- WE8I & PES4 Guide. (by PESFan)
- WE8I Time Correction Patch (to change the 2nd half time display to display from 45.00 to 90.00
minutes rather than displaying from 0.00 to 45.00 minutes). (by Juce)
- EditPES4OptionFile 1.23 with FM2005 data cache (by Yannick - http://perso.numericable.fr/~ryannick/)
- 3DAnalyze v2.36b for those who have problems with the game crashing due to new high-quality textures.

(1) This is for the PC version of WE8:I - I am not working on a version for any other format or platform but you are welcome to.
(2) I will not make custom versions of this patch or release individual parts - I would end up making hundreds of different versions which I do not have the time for.
(3) Do not ask "how do I install this patch?" It will be painfully obvious when you have the full download how to install. Just follow the READ ME instructions.
(4) No, I have not included the new England home kit in this pack because there are about 10 different versions floating around on the internet and I haven't seen the original jersey to compare. It's not difficult to add it yourself.


Peace out,
The Wolf.
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League 1
7 August 2003
Texas, USA
Manchester United
Ok, the Vuelta del Lobo Option File is now available for download. Those who have already downloaded the full patch via torrent will need to download this too as it includes the updated stats from EditPESOptionFile1.25 using Pubb's FM2005 conversion formula.

The FileFront version of the patch when it is available will already have this update built in.

This option file .rar file contains everything you need and full instructions to use the new option file and apply the para_we8

Download link: http://rapidshare.de/files/1801813/WE8I_PC_-_The_Wolf_Vuelta_del_Lobo_Option_File.rar.html


League 1
7 August 2003
Texas, USA
Manchester United
renatus said:
this is just foe we8 or also for pes 4 pc??
I was hoping the title "WE8I" rather than "WE8I & PES4" would betray that it's only for WE8I!!!

If anybody wants to go ahead and convert it for use with PES4, feel free to go ahead. I don't have PES4 anymore otherwise I'd do it.


League 1
7 August 2003
Texas, USA
Manchester United
WE8I PC - The Wolf Vuelta del Lobo Patch - Update 1

This patch applies a new database to the 0_text.afs file. The database was created using the newest version of EditPES4OptionFile (1.27) and includes a more accurate formula conversion of the FM2005 5.0.5 stats. Also included is a new 'save' folder containing the updated option fiile:

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I am awaiting the disc containing the game coming from a mate in England but it not came today. Im downloading the patch but i have heard the patch contains the full game is this true.


cheers mate just getting part four of 8 i hope the read me is easy to follow. I read a few posts on pesfan that had me worried it may be quite hard to do. Lot of cunts on there canny uzip their jeans tho never mind a file.


31 May 2005
So this patch only got new fm stats so if you have the wolf 2005 final you only need to download one of those files??


31 May 2005
wich file should i download if i already have wolf the final realse 200!! And does this file work on pes 4?


29 September 2004
right i see, so the bittorrent link at the top is the full game with patch applied.. great !!!

but i already have the full game with wolf 2005 final so i just need the option file?

even greater
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