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6 May 2003
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Come on! We all know it was coming, and who better to start it off :mryellow:. I'd like to make it clear that this is for anyone's replays! Please post your's so we can see your happenings in LE. As always, comments welcome! That'll do, here we go:

Cisse Nice Strike
C Ronaldo FK
Luyindula Nice Half Volley
Nedved Sets Himself Up Then Volleys In
Good Low Save From Ricardo
Klose Shot Fake & Shot Forces One-Handed Save From Ricardo
Clinton Morrison Great Volley Goal
Clinton Morrison Great Strike
Robbie Keane Nice 25 Yarder
Morientes lets ball run, then nice finish
Good double save from Iker Casillas
Gravesen, stops, turns and does two Dortmund players!
Shevchenko Top Corner Goal
A finish from distance from Santi Solari
Cisse Powerful Volley - Angle 1, Angle 2
Didi Hamaan Nice Half Volley
Luis Garcia cuts inside then fires home
Nunez Cross/Shot Goal
Hyypia great last ditch tackle
Riise Strike in off the bar
Olisadebe Decent First Time Volley
Molina Good Save
Pile Up!
Olisadebe First Timer, Olisadebe First Timer Angle 2
Olisadebe Half Volley Lob
Mitu Brilliant Tackle
Gattuso Horrendous Tackle
Rooney Turn & Half Volley, Rooney Turn & Half Volley Angle 2
Neville trys a header but gets knocked over!
Corradi Half Volley
Mista fakes and nutmegs defender before finishing
Kovac Strike off the bar and in - Angle 2
Gilberto brilliant header
Marcelinho Long Range Belter
Gilardinho Turn & Finish
Brilliant Tackle by Rehmer to block a shot
Kazuo Half Volley off the bar and in, Angle 2
Kazuo Stepover burst then powerful finish
Reina self setup half volley, Angle 2
Kazuo 30 Yarder
Marcelinho Nice Technique Volley
Nadson Brilliant Tackle
Tremmel Double Save

Kev's Video Site
Jensen Bullet hits post!

Ghost of a Bullet:
Kaka Volley
Roberto Carlos Volley
Ronaldo header, in off the crossbar

Ruud Chip
Keane Volley
Ronaldinho 30 Yarder
Ronaldinho Curler
Reverse Pass
Ronaldinho Volley
Henry Volley
Henry 25 Yarder
Eto'o Strike
Ronaldo Piledriver
Ronaldinho Half Volley
Ronaldinho Volley
Ze Roberto Cruncher
Funny Own Goal
Baros Beauty
Bastard Ref
C.Ronaldo Sidefoot Volley
Carini Double Save
Cech Save
Emerson Strike
Estoyanoff Finish
Iaquinta Header
TYpical Keano
Koller Kracker
Dumb Ass Keeper
Sensini Saves The Day
Rustu Super Save
Trezeguet Chip
Recoba Magic
Rooney Half Volley

Gudjohnsen Super Goal
Diego Magic Goal

Pellegrino Nice Header
Great Shot and Goal By Giggs

Robbie Savage great volley

Beckham Screamer Volley
Diego Rabona
Nedved Drive Shot Goal
Xavi Top Corner
Xavi Free Kick
Ronaldinho Top Corner
Juninho Top Corner

Imbrahimovic Volley

Assuncao Freekick off the bar and in
Juanito great clearance
Benjamin Free Kick
Pitropia Twisting Volley
Pitropia Great Finish

Stickied for all to see and add to, we will see how it goes - CW
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6 May 2003
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F*cking hell! What a volley from Carlos!!! Nice goals mate, keep 'em comin!


Ghost of a Bullet said:
thanks guys, im getting a tv card next week so my replays will be better quality.
Snap!! I'm also getting a TV card next week so I can grace this thread with some great goals(hopefully):D


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6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC
Good stuff, billsterno and Ghost. My clips are recorded using my External USB PC TV Capture Card. They are very good, I highly recommend them!

Hope to see some more replays soon :)


23 March 2005
Hello !
Good job guys, nice and wonderful goals. The volley goal of Carlos is briliant, i like it. I often score some great goals, but I'm in Vietnam, so that I do not have camera or something to capture my goals and post them up for you. I can decribe a favourite goal to you and hope you score it like me and post up here. When you lob the ball from center mifield to the striker( by using L1 & triangle buttons), opponent's goalkeeper running out in order to catch it and your striker running toward the ball to shot, when the ball still in the air and goalkeeper has not catched it yet, press [] (square button) and hold R1 button , your striker will chip the ball over the goalkeeper, it is an exellence goal I can say. Sometime the striker finishes by his foot, sometime he scores with his head, very excited feelings when I scored this style of goals at the first time and my friends, who is my victim, just said: "Unbelievable goal !". If you practice more, you will score this style of goal aganin and again, like me now, and it becomes one of my favourite tricks, one of my friends said that.
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2 great finishes there mate. Man I can't wait to get my TV card. Also tim did you just start recording from the highlights section. Cos I prefer the views better than when you do a normal playback. They lok more like real life, if you know what I mean


Just scored a good chip, judged to perfection, with Van the man from about 20 yards out. Again sorry fot the quality.
Ruud Chip


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6 May 2003
Charlton Athletic FC

Nice goals, bill. That Roy Keane goal was crazy :lol: He sort of toe-poked it from 30 yards!!!


Thanks lad's. Don't know what the keeper was thinking though lol. I can see WE8LE having some of the best goals ever scored by seeing some of the goal's that have been scored already. I love volley's on this game!!!!


9 August 2004
keano scoring against Charlton, always a good sight, dont u think tim :p


Aku_28 said:
Yeh I did try that link mate cos I was gonna put the correct link in but it don't work for me. Even if I save target as.......strange. Does it work for you then?

EDIT: Sorry mate it's working now. Thanks

Great goal babadyer :applause:
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