WE9 - Best long shooter


Il Capitano
19 August 2003
FC Internazionale
I scored many screamers in this game, but scored the most with Kallstrom but cant count that since he has a shot power of 95 in my master league team lol.

In exhibition matches i score with lampard the most along with Adriano.


Greek WE Maniac
7 September 2004
Lampard has a supershot! also zidane and Carlos!!!

But best Goals scored with lempard!!! when he shoots the ball flys like a rocket! And when you know from where, you can score great Goals, i love the shootsystem of we9! great!


For me it has to be Totti. Nedved is pretty slick too but for some particular reason I feel Totti has a screamer powerful shot.


30 March 2004
Clinton Twp, MI
Fulham FC
I've scored a couple amazing long shots. One with Lampard and the other with Gerard.

I had another that Vieri launched a good 15+ yards outside the box straight into the opposite upper corner, but my near side winger got called offsides even though he wasn't anywhere near where the ball was played.

I gotta say.. I'm addicted to WE9. This is by far, the best footie I've played. And with the more robust in game kit editor this year even if the "Kit Making Gods" can't crack Konami's latest attempts to thwart them, I'll have no complaints.

Peace out...


23 August 2004
I score with Pele like crazy. Man, sometimes I feel I just want to start a new game just to watch him score again ana again from outside the box. I have him as an OMF, and, My God, he feints, shoots and scores from practically everywhere now!

Kallstrom is not bad too.
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