[WE9]Corners and free-kicks problem


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1 July 2006
Man United
How can i make the Defenders (CBs) to come forward and try to hv a header in corner kicks/free-kicks? is it possible to do so?
also, how can i position my forward in my desired place during a corner kick/free-kick?
becoz koller always stays at the edge of the 'box' during free kicks nd conrner kicks:(


1 May 2005
i would also like to know how to make defenders come forward and then sprint back as the opposing side counterattacks...but I would like to know for WE10. A mate of mine says something....u change the kicker and press r1 and couple or times or something...but i cant make it work. Does anyone know how to make terry and these guys score?


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18 March 2006
andish2001: Maybe you are talking about the Attack/Defence meter. It is located to the side of the player name/stamina graphic in the bottom of the screen. It has 5 settings, from full attack to full defence. If you hold L2 and then press R1 or L1 (I think) you can change the teams attack or defence-motivation.

So try and change it to full attack when you get a corner, maybe they will come up. But I wouldn't count on it.
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