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WE9 > HD Advance


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14 July 2005
South Coast of England
Portsmouth, Man U
Hey guys, ive got an HD installed on my PS2 to backup my games and ive recently backed up my DVD Version onto a DVD just incase the original gets scratched. So im thinking as my mate has my original how can i transfer it to my HD, ive got Swap magic aswell. Any thoughts?


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2 August 2003
Newcastle United
so you have backed up the dvd of the original in case of scratches. Just use the non original (which by the way is illegal). YOu should be able to backup to the HD the same way as you backed up your old games... seems a bit fishy to me though. Just use the "original" and check out some other forums as well if no answer is provided here.

warez are illegal... We don't condone them. Buy the original Support Konami
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