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WE9:IE for PSP is going to be ONLINE!!!!

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31 January 2004
Look at the first feature
Taken from Konamistyle USA (Konami's official store online):


• Create your team and compete online with divisional ranking system on Xbox and PlayStation2
• Control the action with brand new animation, player training, and soccer formations

• Play in new leagues with new clubs including Chelsea and Arsenal added to an already robust lineup

• Recruit from thousands of the world's top pro players

• Negotiate with players as they develop, grow old and retire in the multi-season Master League mode

• Use Memorial Match Mode to save VS. Mode results for up to 20 different individuals
Connect your PlayStation 2 and PSP games to trade game information
This is it!!!! They also say EXPLICITLY that it includes the Master League competition. I'm getting this one as soon as I have some money (buying PES5 from Lik-Sang left me poor :( )


KAiWAi said:
You have de la merde dans les yeux mon pauvre ami ...

Who is that directed at? And what does the IE part of WE9:IE stand for?
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