WE9 PES5 Q? 2 Players Same Team


League 1
5 November 2003
WE9 PES5 Q? 2 Players Same Team

I suppose this actually relates to all game be it 1 or 2 player games..

Me and my son have been playing the Italian League season ( 2 players same team) and having played at least half the season this is the problem I see??? became more evident the more games we played..

Its to do with the L1 Icon Control Change ... Its the amount of times you have to hit L1 just to get a player to come under your control..

I've seen my sons player (forward could be any really any position)with the ball , and the other forward in a good position and I try to highlight him (L1) and take control of him .. As I press L1 I can see at the corner of the monitor my Icon (No2) jumping about player on the halfway line when my sons player is 30yrds out and the other forward is to the other side of the box..

Has this been fixed in WE9 PES5 or do you still have to hit L1 severals times just to get the player you want highlighted ..

As I said, With player No1 highlighted and on the ball and in a forward position, and the other player(s) up with him that are not under control as soon as I hit L1 to try and make 1 of them player No2 , I have to hit L1 over and over to get that to happen ...

Both me and my sons Icon Control is set at Manual..


Sadly this is still in WE9, sometimes I have to juggle L1 atleast 3 times before I get the player I want. I think this is shocking because it gives them time to break through my defence.

Sometimes my cursor changes itself although I have it set to manual.

Not only that, but instead of the cursor going to the best player after a cross unlike in PES4/WE8, it now goes to a player nowhere near the ball half the time so yet again you need great juggling skills.


hmm... I don't play manual or semi-auto cursor anymore because that just make me hate this game (I was sick of the player choice mistakes, and even in "manual" mode, the cpu choose your player sometimes)...

you should give a try to the fix mode
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