League 1
5 November 2003

Does this still happen in WE9 PES5, I'll set the scene!

FreeKick to the cpu team just inside my half, 1 of my forwards is standing (1man wall) 10yrds from the kick. My other forward is just about parallel with the 1 in the wall only on the other side of the pitch at least 20yrds away.

And even though I have a midfielder standing just a couple of yards in from the forward in the "wall" when I press L1 to change the player I want to control as I press L1 the control icon only jumps between the 2 forwards and never highlights the midfielder who is just a couple of yards in from the forward facing the freekick..

In another part of that game I had one of my forwards on the ball about 30yrds out running towards goal (old inside left channel) as I got to about 25yrds out , I could see my other forward standing outside the edge of the box on the right hand side. I pressed the pass button and my forward on the ball passed to his strike partner on the right hand side.

As he got the ball under control, 2 of my midfielders are about 5yrds inside of him runing towards the D, "looks good I'll just press the pass button and lay the ball into the path of my 2 midfielder making the run into the D" I gave the pass button a short tab and as he hit the ball (without me touching another button) my other forward who had passed the ball to him in the first place highlighted and the pass instead of being laid off to my 2 midfielders, shot square across the face of the box towards my other forward..

aggggggggggg as the ball went across the face of the box and before it reached my other forward a denfender stepped forward and took the ball away!

1. I was not aiming my analog sitck acorss the box I was aimging it at the 2 midfielders running into the box just about 5yrds from me..

2. I was using Manual Icon Control change, yet without touching L1 my other forward highlighted so the pass went in his direction not the one I wanted..

So you get the picture , when I press L1 in the forward areas the Icon will only jump and highlight the forwards and it seems the same in defence usually starting with the 2 fullback highlighting before the 2 centre backs highlight .. This makes it hard to tackle or get players out towards a player on the ball runnign towards the middle of the box as I press L1 its the 2 players in the fullback postions that will highlight first...

Same when 1 on my forwards lose the ball and turn and trying and chase after the player running towards my half , when I press L1 its only the 2 forwards who are usually to far back to get near the player on the ball that the L1 Icon jumps between ...

What I want to know does this happen in WE9 PES5 with the L1 button, if you have your 2 forwards about parallel and your other player are behind these 2 when you press L1 does the icon only change between these 2 players. And when you have a forward on the ball like I had in PES4 , and see 2 midfielder coming up from behind and you want to lay the ball into there path , does the computer pick your pass for you as in it did with me in my PES4 game and even though your aiming at the players coming up just inside you , when you press the pass button your other forward highlights and the pass automatically goes to him ...

A major let down in the pes game ..
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11 November 2003
ive certainly noticed in defence that it sometimes does this on we9, in defence it has some really odd selections like changing to the wide men when an attacker is going down the middle and some very odd passes get picked out when sprinting towards the box if a player is free it usually doesnt go to him

.....heyho, lifes hard eh?!:)


League 1
5 November 2003
thanks for the quick reply ..

I thought as much , I had hoped konami would have fixed this, it is so annoying when the cpu picks the pass and its usually to your other forward who is surrounded by defender in the box , instead of the free midfielder in a great position clear just running towards the box..

I had hoped they had fixed it .. well seems like the passing and AI will not change until the Xbox360 and then later the PES3 version comes out !!
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