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WE9 [PSP] - anyone played multiplayer online yet?


4 August 2005
If so, how do you? Just had a look at the settings and the top two seem dulled out.

dont even understand what to do!!
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5 August 2003
Guadalajara, Jubilo Iwata
sorry for my english
first go to wireless option then go to the option on top
on the next screen press on the first option you get its gonna take you to a screen where you can put your name after you finish press start 2 times
i think its gonna save it
then the option on top will be unlock on the first psp go where there is a pic of 2 psp you will have to set up how long its gonna be the game and all that and on the second psp choose the second option where theres only one psp you should be able to pick it up from there i hope this helps
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