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WE9 Vs PES ,,,,,, Xbox Vs PC Vs PS2



Hi guys
I am a WE9 ( us version ) User , i played the online game , and i had a couple of questions

1- if i want to play the PES5 , where can i buy it , cuz seems non of the websites which sell this game actually ship it to USA , but if i got it one way or a nother , well i be able to run it on my PS2 or should i just buy also a european version of PS2 ? i think PES5 oonline play is better than WE9 due to the obvious huge interest in football so it would be more fun

2- where is the most PES online player community , is it the pc , xbox or ps2 ?

3- is there like actually a 9 different konami soccer communities like PES5 ( 1- pc , 2- ps2 ,3- xbox ) ??? and for US version WE9 ( pc, ps2 and xbox and the asia version ? ths really sucks why they dont unite them all and make it a greater fun so that we can see who s best in the world ?

I will highly appreciate your feedback on the questions esp the first one pals

wish you a good games


24 March 2005
it's the same game, why do u think pes is better than we9? the online play should depend on the server u're going to play on, has nothing to do with pes or we version. by the way, no u won't be able to play pes5 on ur north american ps2 version. pes5 is pal, and we9 is ntsc. even if u got a europen ps2 version u still couldn't play it with ur ntsc tv, got to have multi pal and ntsc tv , unless u got 2 set of tv , (ntsc,pal).
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