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17 April 2002
Hi there,
ive been following the we9 replay thread and have really enjoyed alot of the movies etc, but have found that i only usually save and keep the files that have very good quality movie clips.

Here is my suggestion for those with x-port/other pc to memcard programs. We can exchange files, so that we can save peoples replays and export them to our own memory cards for a better viewing.I have about 2 spare memory cards so id like to put them to use, and yes, i think itd be great to be able to view a set of replays from players across the world.definatly would be interested. I guess there could be option file conflicts, but the goals should still look as they did even if kits, balls or grounds may be slightly off depending on the patch used.

I sure this has been done before.. let me know what u guys think. Ill start it of by sending 15 replays ive just stripped from my mem card. I have an xport2 so these files are xps files. Not all are goals.. just save the rar file:

and once extracted.. the 15 replays should be put on a bland mem card.. well a mem card with the blocks 1-15 blank.. or itll over write some your already saved replays. If u have questions ask me.. im no xport guru, but have used it enough to help out.. i think hehe

anyways have fun viewing..
btw.. im pretty sure the real-time view, will show the view i scored these goals in.. ie, middle medium bout 7 on angle.. yes im one of the only ones..

steve :)


2 August 2003
i would but the hassle of whipping the xport out and transfering it all is a big effort. thats why i just video my goals off the TV, saves a lot of hassle
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