WE9I (US Version) ONLINE Help ??



Hey everyone,

I have a few questions regarding WE9I (US Version). My PS2 is chipped with an older DMS3 modchip. If I buy the game, will I be able to play it online ?? I was gonna buy the game but if I cant play online I wouldnt get it, because I already have WE9 (Jap. version). I hear people talking about disabling the modchip and I dont know how to do that.

Another question, Im not an online gamer, never played anything online so what other accessories do I need for my PS2 in order to go online ??



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9 August 2004
I have a Magic 3.1 V chip. When I didnt disable it would SOMEHOW get through the DNAS inspection. After a few tries over and over. BUT now that I know how to disable the chip I get online with no probs.

To disable my chip all I have to do is hold the reset and eject button until the PS2 boots up and VOILA!!!!


Thanks bro.. and do I have to have that network adaptor aswell ?? how do I install that ??

Also, my computer is in my living room and my TV/PS2 is in my bedroom.. what kind of "longer" cable do I need to plug in from my modem to my PS2.

I have a good connection comcast 7mbps.
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