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I have searched the forum and cant find a 100% honest answer,some say there is a difference some say they are the same game.Please be TOTALY honest and unbiased is there a difference between the two and if so whats the difference, i have pes 5 but dont like it as much as pes4 so may buy WE9INT if theres REALY a difference.


24 March 2004
San Diego
Not much difference, just the above mentioned graphical differences, and perrhaps we9i is a bit responsive with the controls, therefore the game is a little faster. Online we9i has very little lag when playing with someone with a good connection, very playable. (never played pes5 online so i cant comment on it)


28 February 2004
yo ppl... this thread is goin off... we're discussin wats the diff btw the US world soccer WE9 and PES5...

so wats the diff other than the titles and backgrounds?
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