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I have searched the forum and cant find a 100% honest answer,some say there is a difference some say they are the same game.Please be TOTALY honest and unbiased is there a difference between the two and if so whats the difference, i have pes 5 but dont like it as much as pes4 so may buy WE9INT if theres REALY a difference.


14 May 2005
I have WE9I and PES5 for my Xbox and there is a difference as far as I am concerned.

WE9I plays a bit faster and the fouls seem to be more referee specific.

Don't know about online play as I don't do that but people on my forum are using the PS2 version and say that the lag is almost non-existent.


i have both. Not much difference. All i realized is that WE9I is a bit quicker in gameplay, Havent noticed anythin else!
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