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17 April 2002
Hi there, kinda quick question :). Been playing WE9JL with World Cup patch, ie. includes all worldcup teams etc.

Looking at the soccernet.com site and at the group and fixture listing, i add all the correct wc2006 national teams in each group and in order - in international cup of 32 teams. But when i start the tournament the teams dont play in the correct fixture order. eg.

on soccernet.com it has Group F as following order:
1. Brazil
2. Croatia
3. Australia
4. Japan

Australia play japan first, then brazil in 2nd match, then croatia in last. But when i set this up in WE9JL in international cup, Australia play the teams in different orders..eg they play brazil last or whatever.
Is this a BUG.. is there a correct system??

Also, ive noticed in real life that A 1 plays B 2 while B1 Plays A2 etc.. but in WE9JL its all over the shop, eg. the winer in group A, ie. A 1 would play the 2nd place in group C or D etc.. not B.

can anyone help me to make we9jl represent the wc2006 with proper fixtures etc.



Ninja Samurai
2 February 2003
London, UK
I think the teams play against a team from another set group so once we figure out which goes with which then we can create the groups properly so that the next round works out as it should. I had it figured out for PES2 but don't remember it any more.
Just play one world cup and write down all of the groups, then write down the first knockout stage to see who goes with who. I'll do this in a couple of days if you can't.

As for fixtures, I think they're played randomly. Doesn't matter much anyways.
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