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weather effects


Premiership League
15 October 2004
Arsenal FC
andy71 said:
Are weather effects in Master League available on PS2?
Hey .... this is one question peeps here havent rlly answered..... because almost err one here ... plays wit a patch.... so we havent experienced d weather effects...

but i am thinking ... it shud be there if you own the original copy....

hope that helps......


10 December 2005
Arsenal/OGC Nice
Weather effects are not even in the PC version. The advantage we have, though, is lodmixer (level of detail micer) from juce that enables weather effect during the ML.


28 November 2005
Manchester United FC
having an original or fake copy of PES5 does not have any effect on the weather on the PS2 because Konami have not added any weather in the PS2 version for some reason and if they have im sure there is some special patch or way tto enable this feature just like total pointed out that there is a LODmixer by Juce but only for the PC version.
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