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weather in the master league???


18 July 2005
why is the weather always the same in master league matches???

it never rains, snows etc!!!

any way to change this? is this just me?


28 October 2005
The funny thing is, all the manufacturer written previews gloated over having new weather conditions........ eg patchy rain. Nice one Konami, do these things not get tested? I noticed within one days play.


31 March 2004
West London
embraceuk1 said:
Apparently They messed up in the coding and the weather effects weren't added.
Just like the Ai never buys players in the Masterleague.

The ML one pisses me off. The AI clubs should be much more active in the transfer market. The only way I can sell a player is to put him up for transfer and hope an AI club makes a bid. Sometimes though there is absolutely no interest. I could have Ronaldo on the transfer market after finishing top socrer in all competitions the previous season, and there is still no club interested in signing him! Konami really need to make some real improvements to the ML in the next installment.
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