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Wedding Crashers



Anybody have seen it yet...

Its Halirous, worth watching , untill now this is the Comedy movie of the summer....

i aslo cant wait to see Duece Biagalow Europen Gigolo on Aug. 12
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I saw this on Thursday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Possibly my favourite of the `Frat Pack` movies so far, because it has moments as funny as anything in Dodgeball, Anchorman, Zoolander etc but surrounds those moments with a full plot and superb characters. Dodgeball was similar, but the main difference is Vince Vaughn, who has never been better in a Frat Pack movie than he is here. He's absolutely hilarious throughout, and he'd carry the movie were it not for Owen Wilson, who's also on typically top form.

There's some gorgeous girls, which always helps, and pretty good support from more minor characters (including Christopher Walken). It's even quite feel-good without being overly schmalzy. And there's a flawless cameo that should not be spoilt by anyone on pain of death!

Great stuff, recommended to absolutely everyone but particularly Frat Pack fans.
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