weird thing just happened in WE9


5 August 2005

The weirdest thing has just happened in WE9.

I was playing a master league game and half way through the 2nd half the ball went out for a throw-in, however i got an animation of one of my players being booked, then it showed a replay of one of my previous tackles where i was a bit late but the ref played advantage, this was about 5 mins before the booking. Once play returned the throw in was taken.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I just found it a bit weird!!



Yes, once. I done a foul yet the advantage lasted for about 5 minutes due to the ball staying in play, by that time I had forgot what I did wrong and he got booked, great addition though.


me too.more than once.
moreover, once ,the ball stayed in-play (veryvery long,my friend and me had at least two goal strike both!) till the refree whistled!


23 August 2004
Ya, happens all the times.

However, I notice a bug about it. 1 minute was left for the end of the second half, I was defending a one nill victory against Real Madrid in my master league, I desperately made a danger foul (I was definite my player is goining to be booked), the refree gave the advantage and I tried to keep the ball in play as much as I can cause I knew I was going to be booked if it stopped, the play went on till time was up and match ended. Obviously, my player got away with it and did't get booked, I even checked in the usual statistic windows at end of match, and no red or yellow card.

It happened to me twice, one at the end of first half and one at the end of second.

When it happened at the end of first half, I expected I am going to be booked at the starting of the second but obviously he didn't.

So my advise is that if it happens towards the end of first/second half, try to keep the ball in play as long as you can till it ends.


That's also a very common thing for me. Never five minutes later though!
Was that five "real" minutes or five "in-game" minutes?


That's also a very common thing for me. Never with five minutes delay though!
Was that five "real" minutes or five "in-game" minutes?


Premiership League
15 October 2004
Arsenal FC
yeah... it has happened to me.... as well. someone called it a bug.... i dont wish to call it that.... i think it is tight and ... it is 5 in game mins and not 5 real life mins... as long as the ball is still in play u wont get booked...
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