Weird things happen versus Man Utd !


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13 August 2003
Guys I just wanna share it with you.
Couple of days ago I was playin online and my opponent was a guy who picked man utd.I totally dominated the whole game and It was a very one sided match.I was leading 1-0 and I should make it at least 6-7 but somehow could not.Opponent was a rookie.And At the last min.I was thinking that I was so unlucky that game that I won only 1-0 and with a very unlucky weird goal It was a draw at loss time !
My friend told me that "Shame on you.I can beat that guy 10-0" He got the pad and he totally dominated the game like me and at the end with total shots 27-2 or something, he lost it 2-1.
And he was furious and he again played with him.Same thing happened with total shots 25-1 or something and he got a draw 1-1.
last night I played with another guy He was Man Utd. He was weak again.But somehow we played 4 games 3 of them are a draw and I only managed to win once.Stats are something like that : 20-2,23-1,18-2 and possesion is 67-33,65-35,68-32 etc.
My shots hit the post,hit the bar every game Somehow Drogba misses everything from the 6 yard.Van Der Sar makes incredible saves and I can not score.
My opponent comes to my goal once or twice.Weird things happen and he scores and It ends with a draw.
The point is: It happened to me at least 6-7 times and all of them were against Man Utd.
I was incredibilly unlucky and my opponent were amazingly lucky !
Ok these kindda games happen sometimes but I can not even tell how weird these games were and all of them against Man Utd.What a coincedence !
Did it happen to you???
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25 April 2006
every time, i made great games and HENRY miss goals with the goal open without keeper there,shots miss all and i lose many games liket that.


5 December 2004
Welcome to my world.

On the Man Utd thing, there used to be a glitch in Pro Evo 4 (I think) which would make your left back go running aimlessly forward when you played against Man Utd. But Fortune had to be playing, it was craaaazy.


Champions League
7 August 2005
Welcome to the scripted world of PES, where it's not the player's skill or ability that decide what happens, but the cpu.


12 October 2003
Yes, me too. I got the game a while ago. Played it single player loved it. Then my mate played me, he was Man U. I scored own goals, defenders would mysteriously miss intercpting passes and up the other end i would hit the woodwork loads of times, Van der Sar would make amazing saves and strikers would miss easy oppertunities. It pi**ed me off so much i havent played it since and that was 3 weeks ago. lol Rant over
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