What´s the point?your opinions please



I just can´t get what is the double speed option for in the we-shop,is this usefull? I don´t get it.Instead they could place in more balls or stadium edit option.Can any of you explain to me what is this option for?
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10 August 2004
Isn't the double speed option so that the time goes by faster during the match? I never used it but I guess it can be pretty useful when playing ML and you just want to play the pre-season matches really quick.

I never used it before really so to me it is pretty much useless. They should really do something better with that WE Shop.

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I've only used double speed on ML games but it's pointless, likewise that ball effect you can get in the WE Shop is equally useless.

Also don't buy the training ground in the WE Shop either, because if you've got the stadium set to "Random Select", sometimes you get the training ground, therefore no fans - but back in WE8/PES4 you could buy the training ground and it wouldn't be considered in the random stadium selection. :|


Well what it does is actually double the speed of the gameplay.When you see a match you see it in normal an current speed. Now imagine that someone advances like in a vcr the speed of what you are watching it might be cool but certanly not playable, very dissapointing.


23 August 2004
I think the purpose of this feature is to use when you want to build a team in the shortest time possible. So you start the master league at 1 star difficulty, start winning matches, collecting points and buy super players and form a dream team where you can use later with your mates.

I have couple of my friends NON STOP doing that.

Other than this purpose and with 1 star difficulty, I don't see a point in playing double speed.

I must say also, if used it a lot, it ruins your sense of the usual game.

My 2 cents
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It´s something that i can´t understand they do best football game in the world but when it comes to offer options they put in some useless stuff if they are looking for options here they go:
1- Edit stadia
2- longer replays
3- unlock street football or beach football (besides i don´t play fifa)
for example.thanks anyway for your replys
7 August 2004
pointless, however whats annoying is that they can actually 'make'it work. Why dont they just add a gaugebar like they had in the old series so you could determine what speed you want to play in.


double speed's purpose is if you play in fix mode...

if your player got injured/substitued/suspended, just like "management game", you can double the time to make the game finish sooner...


That would be in fact the best they could do to comply all tastes the slider thing would be great and a very welcome thing to return to this game tiktiktiktik.


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25 March 2005
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The double speed option is there to simulate all the players being doped like canavaro (with his home video of him taking a drip of legal but unethical substances) and all the others.

It would have been more useful to have 'stars' for stuff like 'abnormal speed', 'abnormal strangth' and 'abnormal stamina'

or maybe i'm just talking crap, er sorry! :(
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