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what camera ?



Normal Long with a level 9 angle
Since a few days only and like it, try it !


Praying for the miracle..
7 August 2004
Zygalski said:
I'd like something in between Long and Wide.
Yep,me too.

Long is too close and wide is ridiculously small.
Right down the middle would be perfect.

I only play online,so I normally go with long default or angle 2 or 3.

Is it me or is it much harder to score goals on wide angle than long?


I know this post hasn't been touched in a while... but

does anyone play the game on vertical? I would really like it if it weren't so hard to defend crosses and corners. You can't defend those because you can't see where you are until the ball is already on the opponent's head, going towards the back of the net.

It just seems so much more realistic to me because thats the angle you see when you PLAY football.


10 June 2003
Newcastle United
I once had to play Vertical in a league game. It was so stupid. Thankfully I still managed to hit 3 past him on his camera.

Wide for me since PES4. Couldn't imagine ever going back to the old PES3 default which I used to use.


I used normal long on PES 4 & 5

But on 1,2,3 the defualy was normal medium so i used that
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