What do you want in Pes 7 ?????????


23 April 2005
Ive played pes since pes 1 and also i played Iss before that and of all of them Pes 6 on the Xbox 360 is by far the worst and if pes7 is as bad i wont buy it unless some big changes are made!. The only reason i bought a 360 was for Pes6 because i bought my Xbox360 the day that pes came out and after playing it for 10 mins i knew this wasn't a proper Pes title and it seemed rushed and sloppy. This is what i expect from pes 7.

Pes 7 Needs the following:-

Edit mode
Training mode
More stadiums(8 in pes 6 there was 18 in pes2 on ps2!!!)
More realistic stats for players(Adriano, Shevchenko to good)
Better Graphics
Better Gameplay
The German League
Game updates downloadable from Xbox live
2 player Co-op on Xbox Live
Better Commentary
Replays (save goals score on and off line)
Variations of nets
More types of Boots
Scrap the control your own replay online
A real looking crowd(The crowd are shoddy looking)
A long ball pass(Controlled by anolog stick)
More realistic Goalkeepers (goalkeepers dive backwords?)

Ill keep updating my list until everyone has proven how poor the majoritys opinon of Pes6 is! After i get a big enough list im gonna write a letter to Seabass and tell him if it aint sorted by Pes 7 i am hopefully everyone else wont buy it!
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2 August 2003
Ive played pes since pes 1 and also i played Iss before that and of all of them Pes 6 on the Xbox 360 is by far the worst and if pes7 is as bad i wont buy it unless some big changes are made!. The only reason i bought a 360 was for Pes6 because i bought my Xbox360 the day that pes came out and after playing it for 10 mins i knew this wasn't a proper Pes title and it seemed rushed and sloppy. This is what i expect from pes 7.

Pes 7 Needs the following:-

Edit mode
Training mode
More stadiums
Sums up how bad a next gen game is already, no edit mode :lol:

Id like to see better shooting animations and volleys. Id also like to have more control over my player, or at least see them stick a foot out, or slide for a ball that goes RIGHT next to them!!!!!


1 September 2002
edit mode (transfers, player appearence, kit edit)
more stadiums
3rd kits
better shooting (so your shots dont go so high)
faster one-touch passing

Thats about it really. I really enjoy PES6 on 360 apart from the things above.


19 August 2006
better shooting (so your shots dont go so high)
I don't have that problem. Probably because I don't try to cut back
all the time. And when I know it's happening (shooting bar goes too high) I use the shot super cancel (r2,r1) before striking the ball.
It's actually realistic because it often happens in real football that players get stressed and misses easy goals. But shooting in general should be tweaked (again)


22 June 2004
Sheffield Wednesday
Get rid of the dark coloured balls, THEY ARE NOTHING BUT SHIT.
Especially when morons use them in online games then chose a stadium with shadows on the touchlines and near the goal (San Siro).
+ Add in some yellow or orange high vis balls.

More stadiums, LOTS more. (next gen)

A better master league system using a chosen money unit (pounds, euros, dollars etc...), different clubs have different bank accounts.
Also adding attendance revenue to your total after home games. Obviously if you're performing shit and losing, less people attend so less money in the funds, also if you're winning every week, you get a full house and lots of ticket money.
+ have it over a proper calendar with seasonal weather.

Better pitch detail, if playing in a boggy pitch, when someone slides in for a heavy challenge, there should be a line in the turf, or the odd puddle forming on a severe rainy day.

The ability to create a team from scratch including stadium which you can upgrade to co-incide with the point above for getting more people in.


More balls and more boots. (next gen)
Different ball physics per ball, like Adidas balls will be shite and float everywhere, Mitre balls will fly true etc... just like in real life.

More and better keeper animations.

If possible, aquire some more rights to teams and have their stadiums and fans actual chants in the game.

Better crowd atmospherics.

Better commentary script writers and better script programming. No i didn't "try to lob the keeper" it was a mis-hit and since when is the keeper saving a point black downwards header a mistake and he should thank the defence for rescuing him.
+ not so sterile, they should show some passion for the game.

Getting rid of the manual replays in online mode, this is just stupid.
Especially as the cheap, no talent cut-back players like to replay any goal they score from more than 10 yards out.
Even if it deflects off 4 players and rolls over the line off the keepers bollocks as they rarely score from outside the 6 yard box and they cream their pants watching it thinking its the greatest goal ever.
+ having a way of banning dickheads that like to replay their shitty, embarassing shots and freekicks that missed by miles, but they have to see just how close to killing that pidgeon in row z it really was. :)

More goalpost and net styles, such as the horse-shoe stancions at the top of the posts, the old Wembley style posts etc...
+ all the nets to have a proper weight bar around the bottom and not those dodgy looking white "logs".
+ better net physics and more netting styles. (hexagonal, large squares, small squares, striped etc...)

For the current gen, get rid of stadio seizure, that one with the thin lines (South Africa i think), its god-awful.

Diving, but it'd have to be done right so people couldn't exploit it.

Stop over-rating players like Adriano, Rio Ferdinand etc...

For online play, have the option of limiting team choises to National, Bracket A (Inter, Man Utd, Chelsea, Real, Barca, Brazil etc...), Bracket B (Lyon, Valencia, Liverpool, Bayern Munich etc...), Bracket C (All rest of the French teams etc...) and All (can choose any team).

A proper full edit mode. (next gen)

Longer replays with more camera options like back of net, a proper free camera that you can position etc...

Better and mroe skilled penalties rather than the crap top or bottom corner and generic shot, it relies too much on pure luck and if the AI wants you to score sometimes, using the power bar, analogue aiming and the ability to perform different shot kinds, just like in FIFA 07.

Make the lob shots a little more user friendly and the 45 degree lob and the controlled shots less "money".

Female streakers at cup finals. ;)

The odd stray dog running on and pissing on Jimmy Greaves (only unlocked when playing as classic England v classic Brazil).

Better sound effects, like bringing back the sound of the ball hitting the net from we7i, when someone gets hacked down you should hear them yell out, and finally getting the sound of a ball hitting the posts right, its not hockey and the ball isn't a puck so it won't go PING.
Its a leather ball onto fibreglass or powder coated alu. It makes a thud.

If you're winning by a large margin and at home, the crowd cheers every pass you make.

I'll stop there, i'm not asking for much lol. :D
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11 December 2002
Toronto, Canada
A "trigger run" button, as featured in the FIFA series.

PES desperately needs this, for me. Although I've always been a huge WE fan, I've been playing an awful lot of FIFA as late in order to get the 300 wins achievement, and I have to say the "trigger run" command is the one thing that FIFA does better than WE/PES.

Yes we can trigger runs by initiating a 1-2, but I want to be able to trigger runs from players who have yet to touch the ball.

Please sort it out Konami.


I love lamp
18 March 2006
1. Total analog support for absolutely free control of lenght, direction and height of long and short passes (determined by button press lenght, analot stick direction and elevation (tilt)).

2. Take weight into account as mentioned above. That way no super goalkeepers moving one way and then stopping in an instant and jumping the way they came from. Freekicks could be realistic again with goalkeepers obeying the laws of physics! :)

3. Also agree on the camera angles, there are "Back of the net" cameras shown on the automatic replays, why not on the user controlled replays aswell? I love that camera... :)

Besides that, more realistic physics, no horrible ball-body and body-body clipping, and just a general strive towards mimicing reality. I don't want Konamis predetermined pass speeds or 8-way lobs. I want to play the game like I played ISS98. Back then they only had gameplay and it was awesome! Analog heaven with stick-tilt for height and lots of goodies.


A gooner till i die!
20 August 2005
agree with all of the above but how about use your master league teams online? also that mode in the ps2 version where you can pick your team from 4 different teams, that would be cool.

Nick Cave

Wrexham fan for my sins...
10 July 2004
Non football league waste land...
Wrexham AFC
The feeling that I have just paid full whack and bought a NEW full game would make a pleasant change with Konami.
Call an update an update and price accordingly or put the effort in and bring out a good much improved and reworked product!!!


9 August 2005
the things that must be added for me to buy the next installment is:

An edit mode (full edit mode)
at least 8 more stadiums
Next gen graphics
Save replay's

I'm pretty sure these things will be added to PES7, but you never know. Konami have been VEEERY lazy with the 360 version of PES6.


Ecchi otoko
26 November 2005
Okayama, Japan
Man Utd, Stockport County
Stats meaning something when playing the CPU.
None of my throw ins being intercepted.
Players executing the pass that I selected and not one that suits the CPU sometimes.
Offide rule changing so it isn't so harsh with players coming back onside.


League 2
30 July 2005
Krapina, Croatia
Real Madrid, Dinamo ZG
Can you tell me why do you put so many ? in the title? I allways wondered that..
For the topic, I want nex gen graphics, Fifa like presentation and sound, better animations ( full 360° movement ) etc.


Allez les Lionceaux !!!
12 September 2002
Player DNA: the CPU analyses the way you play and it's possible that the CPU teams emulate it.
i don't care much about onlin egaming, but this would be a good thing for online play.
Before you could play online you should have to "post" your own player DNA.
Now if you have played against a player who is much too strong, you can download his player DNA and "practise" in single player while the CPU emulates his DNA...
Should be very intresting in a possible online ML...sort of scouting of the adversaries...by the wat, this is possible it will feature in "Juiced 2".


25 May 2003
How about finally sorting out the crowd sfx, goal scoring cheers especially.

Of course a proper career mode(similar to SWOS) but I guess like most people I have given up on that ever happening.


21 October 2002
Man Utd
I would like the balance of the game restored to how it was in the days of ISS Pro Evo 2 on the PS1. This has been the biggest worry for me for years now since the games are far too much in favour of attacking play and cheap goals.


5 October 2006
I would like to see a longer replay, not just 5 seconds....
i second the "longer replays". come on guys, there are so few shot sequences in pes6 it gets soooo boring seeing the same guy kick the ball in the net a few different ways. i think the more experienced players, who understand how to create space in pes6, are furious when the key moment or "genius" is missing from the replay! lets see a bit of build up, thats where the energy lies in pes.
oh yeah while i am at it, there is never a replay if the ball stays in play, ie, hitting the bar or a parry by the keeper, insted of this, at half time you get a few replays of miss hits and wayward shooting!


26 February 2007
For online play, have the option of limiting team choises to National, Bracket A (Inter etc...), Bracket B (Liverpool etc...), Bracket C (All French teams except Lyon etc...) and All.
Total agreement there matey. I'm all for using the team you support, but when "scouser89" goes straight for Brazil/Inter, it gives you little choice but to return the favour, and hammer them.


22 June 2004
Sheffield Wednesday
Exactly the reasoning mate, typical of people like that to rob you of a decent, fair game of football.


The Converter
24 May 2005
As mention: Full edit mode, next gen graphics, GET THE FULL ENGLISH PREMIER LEAGUE!! Same amount of stadiums as pc/ps2 + more etc. More control over passing and 360 control over players. Maybe new moves.
Better presentation and sound. Get cups that work the same as champions league etc. Better master league. Fix so that when playing 2 player on the same team that when you pass the ball to a teammate the player you are playing with get auto control over the player who gets the ball(like on ps2) I hate it when playing with my wife or my friends and I end up passing to myself all the time. Just like in NBA games. And please listen konami: Add a better create a player feature! I think it would be GREAT to add a edit face option in style with games like smackdown vs raw or nba 2k7 etc! Since we wont get to pach and edit the games like on pc this would be great when making faces in the edit mode for players we are not happy with! Another thing I have been thinking about is managers. Why not add managers as active characters? You could trade mangers and edit their looks just like the football players and you could really have fun with this in master league and have small clips of them during maches. It would be great to score a great goal for then to see the manager cheer on the sideline with the crowd in the background \\:o/ Update the edit kit from the other formats and maybe add a feature so we can create premier league badges on the sleves and stuff like that. I dont expect any of this to happen if they dont make a huge effort on making pes 7 for the 360 a great game with lots of edit an options I will not by the game!
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