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What does TWK stands for in PES6 ?


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25 October 2001
aye i used to play my master league teams based on teamwork as opposed to other stats, sometimes leaving better players on the bench because i wanted to test what teamwork did....i found it most affected how passes were played and recieved, especially noticable on long passes and chipped through balls.

I find with master league which a few of us play on one team with fixed cursor in J League some players can take a season to come good, you really do notice the AI change from crap head down running into defenders to nifty dribbling and final balls in.


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16 December 2006
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I think it's "teamwork" - how well the team works with eachother.
yes it sounds appropriate, thanks. Earlier i didnt use to check these and my success rate against CPU @ Top Player was 7 win in 10 and now it jumped to >9 in 10. :)
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