what is the best formation in we10 ?


Serie A
18 August 2004
dunno what the best is, as it can vary from team to team, but I guess its best to just play to your teams strong points

I play 3 4 3 myself or sometimes change to a 4-4-2 (the default inter formation)

Both are good for playing up the wings, and have good coverage in the centre


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1 October 2003
Manchester United
Theres no such thing as a "best formation". If this was true, you'd be unbeatable if you used it. Cuz every formation can be beaten.

But in your case, what you want is a formation thats very effective for your style of play. But we dont know you like to play.
Some like to be very offensive, some like it defensive, some like to play down the middle while some want to use the flanks.


Welsh Premier
12 July 2005
After playing a few games Ive found myself liking the 442 formation (Inter or Arsenal). It seems to be much more effective in this version of the game with the fullbacks operating better and crossing of the ball being easier.

With the Inter formation as default i'd like to know if anybody has any semi-auto tactics to use with them e.g (counter attack, left side attack). Also id like to add a FORMATION A and FORMATION B to the tactic. One hopefully 4-5-1 and one mayby 4-1-3-2. Any additional tips would be appreciated.


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3 August 2004
RuneEdge said:
Theres no such thing as a "best formation"
This is true, unfortunately ;)

For what it's worth: I play a 4-3-3 using a lone striker, wingers (no support strikers), an offensive midfielder, two defensive midfielders and a back four. Works for me, against the CPU and against human opponents. Although wingplay has become more realistic in WE10 now. Lofted through balls at wingers are far more difficult etc.

But especially human opponents tend to know, recognize and read your playing style after a while. So it's best to use stock or formation A,B and stuff. That way you can surprise your opponents each and every time. Basically all you have to do is learn to play different styles and formations. It'll take you a while, though :lol:


6 December 2004
Germany - OWL
Borussia M´gladbach
Well....the formation also must choose for the right team!

You won´t be succesfull with an wing striker formation if there aren´t fast wing strikers who can bring in good balls!

So u see, you need to pick the roght formation for the right players


League 2
1 April 2005
What happened to the team settings for counter attack and pressing? Now all I see is back line and offside trap! Why did this get taken out?


League 2
11 May 2006
Use england,3-3-3-1 formation,then use 3-3-4 as a formation a while attacking,good formation
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