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What is the official FIFA 2006 Football ??



Does anyone know this.. I don`t think they will use Pelias.. I`m hearing Adidas is making something that could look similar to Nike`s Geo-Merlin... that will be used for the next year World Cup..


I have heard that Nike will be supplying the ball in the worldcup soon!


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6 July 2004
A.C. Milan
I think another one .. maybe a new one !! :-s
We will see :D .. I can't wait for the world cup :D


League 2
31 July 2003
sonnysan said:
I have heard that Nike will be supplying the ball in the worldcup soon!
well not until 2010, not long ago fifa signed with adidas until the 2010 world cup

btw logically they'll present the new ball at the WC 2006 draw


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15 March 2003
I have the new Adidas ball for the next World Cup 'Santiago"
i try to find a pict

edit : ;)
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28 September 2003
Sounds hip, looks nice, maybe the colour could be a lil different.

The nicest ball ive seen so far is the black total 90


League 2
31 July 2003
lol that's not the official ball, it's only a cheap ball with the world cup's logo on it :p

btw the description of the site where that pic comes from : "2006 World Cup fan ball, featuring the 2006 World Cup logo and adidas' Santiago panel pattern."
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