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What is the UPNP setting for pes6?


6 August 2003
hey guys, just want to ask what i sthe UPNP in settings for anyway?
but for me when i disable it i have less latency and lag.

i have global ip and no routing, i can host without problem etc.
but does it make it difference?

i just learned from pes5, back then when i turned it off i had better online play..
so i did it again in pes6.

but anyone know what it is exactly?`



6 December 2004
Blackpool F.C
Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) is a standard that uses Internet and Web protocols to enable devices such as PCs, peripherals, intelligent appliances, and wireless devices to be plugged into a network and automatically know about each other


9 November 2006
UPNP is windows edition service u can turn it on form ADD\REMOVE program (windows component)
this was one thing
2 u need to have a router that provide such sevice sisco routers *( it cost very much) bottom of line u need to be part of a very bif local network with sisco router and contact ur lan admin
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