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What is your current Rank and Rating?


3 October 2003
Hey guys what are your ranks and ratings?

Currently i am ranked 981, with a rating of 705...

does anyone know how many players there are who are ranked? i want know know how many thousands there are...

just from looking i know there are at least 110,000


Champions League
16 April 2002
Rankings mean nothing my friend.

My guess is that the 980 above you are all lag cheats playing with Inter or brazil.

Play for fun not to get high up in the rankings as you will
probably end up finding it hard to get a game as I know a fair
amount of folk that think high ranking = cheat.

Pretty sad, but thats how it is with PES online. Find a good ladder site where cheats are reported properly and you will get
a better idea of how good you are.



3 October 2003
i dont understand the whole ladder site thing...
do they record your scores from your online profile or what??

i think i get quite a lot of points for winning with nigeria too, i do well with them if i play weaker opposition


11 October 2005
Try this site: www.evo-league.com

There is alot of good players and very fair players. Almost all of them is after a good game thats why is is a awesome community there. It is alot of tournies and leagues.
1 vs 1 and 2 vs 2 tournaments;)
Try it out and you see how good you really are;)

Cya there dude!!
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