What should I upgrade?


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16 April 2002
I am unsure what to upgrade on my pc for playing PES5.

I have an AM Athlon processor running at 1.8 Ghz with 512 Mb RAM.
I also have a 128Mb graphics card.

I can play pes fine on low quality but was looking to upgrade to enjoy
nicer graphics.

Question is...Should I upgrade my memory first beofre buying a 256M
graphics card? I dont want to upgrade the card an find out it still
won't handle it?

I cant upgrade both due to cash flow and am wondering if I should upgrade my RAM or graphics card first.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



21 September 2003
It's not so much about the amount of RAM on display card. It's mainly about the Graphic Processing Unit model on it. What GPU is on your display card?


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12 February 2004
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Same as above. The graphics card's memory doesn't have much to do with its capacity. You have to look at the processor, let's say model, of it.


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16 April 2002
Its a low end GeForce FX 5200 I think.

I think I will upgrade to a decent 256Mb card first.

Cheers Guys
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