where do you order your kits from?


1 August 2005
Liverpool FC
i've been around this forum for awhile now,but this will be my first post..

anyway, i'm a liverpool fan, and have been following the EPL for some time now, but lately i've been attracted to the serie a (especially Palermo). now i go to school in the states (live in korea), and let me just say that it's not easy finding a lot of jerseys, let alone football related merchandise. it gets even more tough when it comes to italian teams because they aren't very well known here. the only way to purchase a kit is through the net, and i was wondering where you guys get yours from. just want to know how the quality is, how long it takes to deliver, etc. i've looked into kitbag, eurosport, and subside so far.. and subside were the only ones who actually had variety.



Anyone know any bargain stores with older/out of season/3rd kits etc? The stores you guys listed are expensive!


League 2
31 July 2003
I've tried subside once, they got variety but the deleviry time is quite long, especially if you ask for a printing. Otherwise i've ordered second hand shirts through ebay, but that's not really a store.
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