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Which Kitserver?


Sputman Joe
7 August 2003
Got Liveware running sweet as a nut but wanna get kit server loaded in there. But reading thro all the post there are different versions and people have problems with different ones.
is there a kitserver pack with latest Kits and balls, the faces and stadiums are not important at this time, as i can tell nt89 is doing an excellent job with the stadium server but its in its early stages yet.

Any advice would be great

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15 July 2003
I was assured that 5.2.2 is in the works and will look to tighten up the code with the faces and stadiums.

For now, I'd go with 5.2.1. Grab a complete GDB, download a face/hair pack and finally the stadium server module with a stadium pack. What's the worst case scenario? If you experience problems with 5.2.1 then remove it and install 5.2.0 with the relevent stadium server module. All the kits/balls/stadiums etc. will still work fine no matter which version you use.


Sputman Joe
7 August 2003
5.2.1 doesnt work with live ware i can confirm like the above post states. have got 5.1.4 working with the kits but nothing else working.

will try 5.2.0 next cheers

any pointers to find a complete gdb file?
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