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which patch do you recommend for we10

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24 January 2005
hi all, i guess this is all down to personal preference, but i would be interested to know which patch you use and why!

i have created a clean image of my game, and i am reading up on which patches and option files to use!

there seem to be so many, so i am trying to make my job a little easier with your opinions!

i am after ones with the latest transfers, kits, sounds/chants, faces

anything like that!

personally i could do with everythin in a patch form, as i cannot add option files at the moment

any recommendations from you ?

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6 February 2006
Newcastle United
I used the KM patch ages ago - combined it with the emotion goal score cheer - some crowd chants - english commentary and a few other bits.

I used the Mymix one first but it crashed my ML at the end of year 1 every time.

Never had any problems with KM's - im just waiting for a september tranfer option file now



Where can I get this "emotion goal score cheer"? Sounds like EXACTLY what this game needs.



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6 February 2006
Newcastle United
It was in the 'WE10 patches' section


Now he had 2 versions posted in there

1 that had music playing and crowd chanting when you scored - and a 2nd one i think he ripped from fifa that had really loud crowd cheering when you scored.

That download link seems to be dead though but i think the music/cheer one is still working


31 March 2005
Is there any patch which affects gameplay? (Best if the deal's not that player's stats are lowered). Thanks pp
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