Which team is better ?


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23 December 2006
OK I want to know which team people think is better

Roma or Celtic because my cousin IS a Celtic fan and he thinks they are much better

go roma :D
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League 2
23 December 2006
...which would make him about 3 or 4 years older than you...

Both teams have their style.
Reasonably i think Roma should be the better team, but Celtic is doing very good in CL this season.

Thank you I hate when people are mean for no reason

I think that Celtic and Roma have only had one match together about three years ago which Roma won 1 nil but Celtics team back in 2004 was not as good as now

lo zio

24 October 2005
are you about ten years old??????
really clever and polite..... actually this looks like a ten years old child answer :roll:

btw, looking at their rosters, roma is stronger than celtic, but one of the things that thrill me the most in football is that statements like this often get reversed by the field results (and Celtic beated a lot of "better" teams this year).

anyway, Roma is my pick;)

p.s. talking about international challenges, it's quite weird how roma (a team that showed a very attractive football and consistent performances in their home league in the last few years) always disappointed me in champion's league. it's like they were scared by international events :)
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9 January 2002
Roma for me, although I certainly wouldn't be scared of Celtic playing them, that's for sure.

I remember the game in the US, Totti was simply fantastic that game.

Celtic are my team, and Roma are my next favourite team.



Leoni Rossi
20 March 2004
Istanbul, Turkey
Galatasaray SK
For me Celtic. Everybody saw Celtic in Champions League at group stages. They are great team for me. Especially Shunsuke Nakamura and Tomas Gravesen. They are great players for me. And, I admire their ambition.

And after 2002, I hated from Roma and I think, I will never like them. :)
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