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Who are currently your favourite 3 players to watch? (opinions liable to change)


13 November 2006
Who are currently your 3 favourite players to watch in football

Hi guys, the aim of this thread is simple. Post the 3 players you enjoy watching the most in the game. If you wish, weekly updates could apply based on match performances.


This is not to be based on recent awards or who are perceived to be the best players in the world, but on purely personal choice. Of course this doesn't mean you can't chose Ronaldinho or Henry if they are truly one of your favorites. But I hope people will come to decisions based on what it means to them to watch the player. So that means any names are welcome. Clichy, Crouch, Diego, Janot or Johnny Heitinga are all held on the same merit in this thread.

As stated this is a place for personal choice and reasons. This is not a place for comparisons of players. No criticisms of others choices is acceptable what so ever. For example "your having a laugh mate because Ronaldinho is the best" etc etc. I'm sure we can all agree that we don't want any flame wars.

Also please note that this is for players that can currently be seen playing so please no mention of Pele, Maradona, Zidane etc. We all know how enjoyable they were to watch, but their football days have passed and its time to move on. I think its best this way and will make for a more interesting thread.

As well as listing your 3 favorites, please give a short account on the reason you enjoy watching them play. It would be interesting to hear what you have based your choices on.

Lastly I hope this can become a nice thread which relates to the reason we all love football, the enjoyment it gives us. Forget about rivalry, loyalty and other things. The entertainment factor is key in this thread.

I will obviously get the ball rolling with my current favorites, here they are.

1) Steven Gerrard: I love the commitment he gives to the Liverpool side he is command of, Its great to watch him fight so hard for the team. As well as his fantastic mentality it really is a pleasure to watch this mans unique style of play. He is almost a complete player in my opinion. His long raking passes are a joy to watch while his technique and power has led to some remarkable goals.

2) Xabi Alonso: This player is class personified in my opinion. Much like Gerrard it is a joy to watch him ping precise balls across the pitch with seeming ease. I am a fan of players who have classic technical ability and this man has it in abundance.

3) Kaka: I don't watch this player as often as I would like but whenever I have seen him play he has thoroughly entertained me. His movement on and off the ball and his interplay within the team is quite staggering on occasion. His speed and technique make him an extremely exiting player to watch.
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League 2
3 July 2006
Re: Who are your favourite 3 players to watch (current players only!)

I'll give my opinion on wat comes to my mind first but i'll update every week my opinion.. coz it changes quick and i didn't watch football for over a month now as i was on holiday.. so i'll just give 3 players for now and i will change later..

1- Francesc Fabregas : Ultimate playmaker.. with excellent passing decisions which changes tha entire game.

2- C. RONALDO : Tha guy is unbeleivable.. he does everything when tha ball is in his feet.. he is completely effective.. he's probably tha best player in tha world.. also his current form is impressive.. tha guy is just unbeleivable.

3- Ronaldinho : Ronaldinho is crazy.. he can do anything.. he is a footballing mind with amazing technique which nobody can defeats.


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
1 - Kaka - His play is so influential on Milan's. He comes up with so many ideas and is both great at dribbling and shooting.
2 - Javier Zanetti - For so many years Inter have suffered, yet this man, unlike many Inter players, remained and has been pushing forward for his team for years.
3 - Quagliarella - I dont watch Sampdoria games, but out of his last 6 goals, each were amazing. This guy might not be very good. But the goals he scores are just taking the piss!


League 2
3 July 2006
Quaresma is also a joy to watch.. he can dribble tha ball amazingly.. and does everything with tha ball.. comes up with great ideas.. a great player


21 November 2004
1 - Juninho in Ligue 1 is class. You can see the difference with the rest of players.
2 - Ronaldinho, you know why.
3 - Totti, great goals, lots of skills. I would love to see Lyon vs Roma.


Siem de Jong Fan
1 September 2005
AFC Ajax
I can enjoy every player. But I watch with extra attention to the players that play on my position (defensive midfielder):

1. Vieira (Inter) Simply world class.
2. Kivuvu (NEC) Young version of Vieira, 19 years old, plays like a 30 year old.
3. Roger (Ajax) Fantastic player. Positioning is perfect, passing too.
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Eusébio forever
6 April 2004
SL Benfica
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Awesome season, this is the year for Cristiano. Words aren't enought for describe him)
2. Quaresma (He's not a football player... he's a wizard! He scores, he give balls for the strikers, he dribbles all the defense, top quality winger)
3. João Moutinho (Thanks to his maturity, he's now the captain of his team, he's just like Fabregas)


Boot fetishist :D
17 June 2005
Gdynia, Poland
Barcelona, Arka Gdynia
1. Ronaldinho (no comment ;))
2. Juninho (The King of "Falling Leaves")
3. Jakub Blaszczykowski from Wisla Krakow (the biggest Polish talent in last 2-3 years; great dribbler, very dynamic. He'll go to a big club soon, remember my words :))
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TFC - All For One!
12 November 2005
Toronto FC & FC Barcelona
1. Rafael Marquez - I like his technique for a CB and his passing is good. His performances for the Mexican NT are amazing. He plays all over the pitch and really gives his all for his country. His goal against Argentina was a perfect example of that. He was up at the far post to get on the end of the FK.

2. Xavi - His vision, his calmness on the ball and his control. Great to watch.

3. Miroslav Klose - Power, technique, goals... he does it all.


Serie A
19 August 2003
Camoranesi - When in the mood, I think noone can dribble any better than him. It all comes so easy to him. He offers a very complete game, dribbling, crossing, throughballs and defensive work are all part of his play. That and he plays for Juventus..

Pirlo - What vision and passing. Has suffered from an after effect from the WC this season, but I still love to see how he can find any player on the pitch with his passes.

Kaka - For the same reasons stated by others.
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20 July 2005
Lima, Perú
1. Thierry Henry: I like very much his complete technique.
2. Lilian Thuram: It's really a wall in defense, and I feel he's still in a wonderful level.
3. Gianluigi Buffon: An impressive goalkeeper, I like very much watch his performance.


League 2
4 February 2004
1. c.ronaldo - he is just unplayable at the moment!!!
2.s.gerrard - as a united fan it's hard for me to say he is the best centre mid in the world!!!
3. d.drogba - his back must be killing him as he been carrying chelski all season

my opinion is based on fact i only really watch english prem
nuff said


League 2
23 December 2006
1. Totti - Scores great goals and has great skill

2. Camoranesi - Just a great player

3. Martins - scored some fantastic goals for Newcatle this season

Henry may be on the list but he is'nt always in the mood to play the best he can

x X t o c z.

League 2
19 July 2005
1. Henry - fantastic technique and elegance on the ball.
2. C. Ron - super dribbling ability and movement.
3. Gerrard - Can win matches single handedly when in form, and you never know when the next great goals gonna come.


28 November 2005
Henry - The best striker in the world.
Gerrard - Gets the job done and works very hard.
C. Ronaldo - Now a complete package, the step-overs now result to something.


25 December 2006
messi _ what a super player i cant explain my feelings when he take the ball dribble who try to stop him who can catch this guy!!!!
kaka _ he always make me happy when he score when he pass when he dribble simply my best now
pirlo _ he is not the same WC pirlo but i like his move his super passes he is top quality player


Chuck Norris's Sidekick
21 September 2006
Roma / Barrow AFC

Alex Santos

30 July 2004
Somewhere near Tokyo
Morecambe FC
1. Cristiano Ronaldo (What can you say? He's just simply amazing)
2. Nene (Celta Vigo) - Even though the team's a bit disappointing in this season, his performance still impressive...
3. Nemanja Vidic - formed a great partnership with Rio Ferdinand


19 December 2002
London & Milan
AC Milan
1) Totti (Roma) -Getting back to his best, some sublime goals recently (Check out this Van Basten-esque effort)

2) Doni (Atalanta) -On fire since returning to Italy. All his goals have been spectacular (It's not just crouch who's been doing overhead kicks recently)

3) Agbonlahor (Villa) -Give Roadrunner the ball and let him run! Did I mention he was fast? (Not the best example but a good goal from a a talented young player)
Completely agree about Doni and Totti. Both in magnificent form. Doni has been scoring loads since going back to Atalanta.


League 2
28 June 2005
Estonia, at school!
Real Madrid
Raul-although he hasn't been a very consistent performer lately, he is still a joy to watch for me. A true captain, works SOOO hard. You can find him playing very deep in the defensive end and I love this quality about him.
Henry-can turn the match around by himself. Pure class
Ronaldinho-the best player in the world right now. Magical tricks and they really are effective.

My all-time favourite is Zidane because he's flowing style, master ball control and fabulous vision.


Retired Footballer
15 March 2003
the top is Zidane of course but stop now

so actually :

1 - Ronaldinho
2 - Henry
3 - Juninho, Ribery or messi (but i think Juninho in third place because very regular)

lo zio

24 October 2005
Totti, ronaldinho, kakà, henry... they're all world class player. it's quite natural to be excited by their plays. I mean, who could ever say he doesn't like them... it takes to be crazy to come out with this kind of statement.
By saying this i don't wanna judge other guys opinions; i'm just justifying the reason why my picks are not world class players. :)

1. arizmendi (depor) - i really like this guy. nice passing ability, good vision, and dribbling. this guy has a great future imo.

2. miccoli (benfica) - very underrated player. he's got huge talent, pace, and determination; it would be nice to see him again in serie a.

3. mario gomez (stuttgart) - what a nice striker. he plays like an experienced forward, but he's just 23 years old. the kind of striker each team would have in roster. (i love to see klose playing but i didn't pick him for the reason i said before.... he's a world class player)
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