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Who Is Going to Germany for The World Cup?



I have been making plans to travel to the World Cup next year and can't wait to go.

Who else is making the trip to the championships!
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Silent Assassin
1 October 2003
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Re: Who Is Going to Germa y for The World Cup?

How much is it costing you?


Re: Who Is Going to Germa y for The World Cup?

about 2 grand!


Mr. Scratcher
14 December 2004
I'll probably be living in France in 2006, i'm planning making a train trip in Germany. Maybe not to follow Brazil NT, but to watch some games in those cities the most near France possible. Still don't know how much will it cost...


Intertoto Cup
21 June 2004
i'm thinking bout doing it too, i'll have to wait and see, might clash with exams, but I learn German, so that might be an advantage!
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