Who should replace wayne roony in the WC

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League 2
9 January 2006
hi everyone as you know rooneys chances for playing in the WC hang by a thread but who do u think shall replace him? Personally i thing Bent.


7 October 2003
West Ham
Bent will go anyway I reckon mate.

Owen, Crouch, Defoe, Bent.

Then any one of Beattie, Ashton, Harewood, Vassell, Fowler probably. (Incidentally, they are in order of bookies favourites)
Ashton would possibly be the favourite, but he injured his hamstring against West Brom last night.

Personally I would take Marlondinho (Harewood) because he offers something different to all the strikers we have.

I reckon he would take 5 strikers now, because he will need more options.


25 May 2005
Owen and Crouch did alright in th US a while back.Bent and Owen i dont think would work because there to similar.Jeez just shows our total lack of depth in quality upfront:(
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