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Who will win "La Coupe de France 2006" ?

Who will win "La Coupe de France 2006" ?

  • Olympique de Marseille

    Votes: 9 47.4%
  • Paris Saint Germain

    Votes: 10 52.6%

  • Total voters
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R.I.P Jarque
17 December 2005
Leeds, formally Glasgow
Celtic, Lille
I think (from the little i have learned of late) that Om will win, they seem really in form just now, 9 goals in 2 games, even Maoulida is scoring, Ribery is looking awesome just now


21 November 2004
I'm so afraid of Pauleta. Damn, if we struggle until the end, he'll be there to kill my dream ! Marseille has to play attack. I'm not afraid of Paris, we have our strengths but they have Pauleta the killer !!!!


2 August 2004
Yes but you have Ribery the scarfaced god!!!! :D

I didn't watch the game today as I was out but it seems like OM has really turned it on style recently (although PSG hasn't been doing badly either).

I'll be watching as neutral supporter as usual but I wouldn't mind an OM win this time around ;)
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