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Who's the best referee?


31 October 2005
Referees in PES5 are imo the most frustrating thing in the game, but is there a referee you prefer or are they all the same and do you use random?


was there any need for 3 posts exactly the same?
I use O'Brian he lets it flow more.


31 October 2005
which referee blows his whistle most frequently and who's the least
That the point of this thread.
Thx for that O' Brien tip Rob92.
I tried it and he really let it flow more often, good referee.

I think you can make your choice by looking at his nationality.
O'Brien sounds English and refs in EPL are less severe then Italian refs.
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24 August 2006
Northern Ireland Belfast
all the referees are shocking. i fouled some1 2 night the ref gave advantage they hit a shoyt which my keeper saved then when the ball went out of play the referee came back and sent off vincent kompany. what the fuck is that like.
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