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Why does this team crash my game?


6 February 2007
Hi everyone...I have the strangest problem which just started 3 hrs ago and I can't understand why it's happening. Anytime I select Brazil in a friendly or cup, either as an opponent or as the team I play with,my game crashes. What could be the cause of this? I don't understand it. Please I need to debug it. I tried replacing Brazil in the uni folder of my kitserver but the problem still persists. I'll really appreciate help here.


26 April 2006
Could be a face or hair problem with a brazillian player, the map txt might need adjusting.


League 2
21 June 2004
This happened to me before whenever ajax play psv or other holland teams.

This might worth a try: delete your replay files if you have quite a few.


Maybe Burna is right. Sometimes I have the same problem.
Go to edit mode. Than edit(create) a player mode. No need to edit really, it's just to scroll the list slowly and look what happens. Keep an eye on the players you are scrolling. Probably it will crash when you arrive to a certain player. If so, your problem is solved. You go in the kitserver folder and you eliminate the player's bin. You try every player of the crashing teams and repeat the same. Then it should work.
good luck
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