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Why I am so crap in Master League mode?



In exhibition mode, I can consistently beat the computer by quite a large margin on the hardest difficulty setting. But when I start a Master League on this difficulty setting I rarely win, usually getting 0-0 draws. Can anyone explain why this is?


What do you mean players? I am using the same team / players.


6 December 2006
master league mode and international cup mode are difficult than exibition mode.İ Think u need more experience.every match in master league will grow your mantalıty.try harder:D


been there done that
10 November 2003
nah, its just players, even if it's not a default ML Team, but let us say a Real M with v. Nistelroy and rest of squad, have lowered TEAMWORK %.
after first season it backs to normal values so its easier. That is all.


10 May 2005
in exhibition you can cheat and choose what kind of arrows you will have. you can have your team with red up arrows. so it's easier.


Champions League
7 August 2005
ML involves scripted a storyline. The game is scripted to alter stats, etc to try to force matches to play out in a certain way.

It is in ML mode that most of the cpu cheating, which is so often discussed on this forum, comes into it's own, because the game is so heavily scripted.


20 August 2005
In ML mode, the ball has intelligence that it will hit the bar or the post, when it find itself is closed to them
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