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Why is the game suddenly slow?


11 February 2006
Hi dudes.

I've been playing PES 6 since it was released, and installed/uninstalled it a lot of times, because of patches and such...

Today, suddenly, after the installation, the game just runs bad!
It's like it's running is slow motion in parts of the game, and that sucks! =[

What can I do?

Thanks a lot =]



Do you use kitserver?
How are your lodmixer settings?
Try to use the default settings:
Set LOD #1 to 1, LOD #2 to 2, etc.

Sorry for the bad english.


defrag beacuse u took off and put back on

also try detail to low clour to 16 in a 640 windows mode this seems to work for me on pes6

sorry for bad spellin im shit
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