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Winning Eleven 10 options, patches



Hey everyone. I have finally made the switch from Fifa to winning eleven and i have to say it was long overdue. Although i love the gameplay there are a number of things i have noticed on this site that helps make the gmae more realistic. I have a serious of questions that i hope some of you veterans can help me out with.

1. What is the difference between an option and a patch? I have tried top read about them on this site but the words seem over my head. Do options address one thing and patches another.

2. I have a ps2 with a mod chip( i hope i can say that here). I am think ing about importing winning eleven 10 but wonder what it is i need to downlaod to make the players, stadiums, balls and shoes to reflect what they are in real life. I have a sharkport and know how to transfer data but my question is if i transfer one persons files will i not be able to transfer one from someone else.

Sorry if these problems seem very obvious but i have searched forums and have not been able to come up with any information that will help me learn what it is i need to do. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You


13 March 2005
NW London
Option files simply change the things that are editable within games, through the edit mode. These include transfers, editable boots, appearances, formations, basic kits (with sponsors, not as accurate as patched kits though)

Patches will usually require more knowledge to apply, although the set patches (superpatch etc) usually come with easy installation methods. These will often include different balls, stadiums, high res accurate boots, new stadium turfs, Chants, mustic, menu screens, player faces, adboards, goalnets, high res kits

I'm not to clued up on the patching of PS2 games though.


24 August 2003
The change is a very wise move.
Ok the basics...
1. buy the game
2. make an iso of the game using dvd decrytor
3. download a patch and read the insructions on how to applie
4. burn patched game to a dvd disk and play


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6 February 2005
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Exactly :)...dude if you need help this is a fantastic forum. There are so many people who are here to help, and shall offer my services via MSN if you like. celticarce@hotmail.com

Take Care dude, and also the search function on this Forum is great. I've found so many things that I thought I was the only one looking for haha.




any patch for getting the english commentary????



14 June 2006
bhavik23 said:

any patch for getting the english commentary????


Who cares mate - the english commentary is pretty crap IMO and the Japanese commentary is quite funny at times....like "ohh..Yello-Cardo.."


14 June 2006
bagwell358 said:
Hey everyone. I have finally made the switch from Fifa to winning eleven and i have to say it was long overdue.

you're telling us...better late than never...!!!
I was new to this patching stuff as well mate...it's pretty easy, check out the patching/editing section of this forum, everyone gives detailed explanations on how to do things...no one is left in the lurch...!!!




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21 May 2006
welcome to the site mate, I've used quite a few patches, powerpatch, superpatch, etc, but I highly reccomend keeping it simple by using just an option file, a user on here called 'Watson' has the best option file around, you can find the link to the download through his homepage link in his signiture, also I reccomend a music file, like vincent vega's, makes the game that bit better, another good patch to use is ravens chants pack, http://forums.evo-web.co.uk/showthread.php?t=32526&highlight=chants which I installed yesterday and its class.

Hope this helps :)
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